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Cookie Policy

This Policy provides visitors to the Illusionaries website (referred to as the ‘Website’) with information relating to the use of Cookies by Illusionaries LTD, who is a company incorporated in England with a company registration number of 14510054 and a registered office at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ (referred to as the ‘Company’).

The Policy should be read in conjunction with the Website Terms of Use and Privacy Notice.

1.    Use of Cookies

1.1.    Like most websites, the Company uses cookies or other similar technologies in the operation and functionality of the Website, within this policy all such technologies are referred to collectively as cookies. 

1.2.    A cookie is a small text file placed in the computer or mobile device used to access the Website to stores information. A cookie works within an internet browser and the Company’s cookies do not give the Company access to your device or data stored within it.

1.3.    The Company do not access information on cookies from other websites and other websites should not access cookies from the Company’s Website.

1.4.    The Company needs your consent to place some cookies in your computer or mobile device, the exception being where the cookie is necessary to provide an essential function, for example to store any information that you put into a form before sending the form to the Company.

1.5.    The Company obtains your consent to use non-essential cookies when you either click the ‘I agree’ button which appears when you first arrive at the Website or by moving onto another page within the Website it is assumed that you consent

1.6.    Due to technologies used it may be necessary to load some cookies immediately upon downloading a webpage and it may not be possible for you give your prior consent, however wherever possible we shall ensure that these are session cookies that will be deleted by you closing the Website if you do not agree to the Website using cookies.

1.7.    The Company use cookies to -

a)    simplify and speed up the downloading and navigation of the Website - when you accesses the Website, the web browser makes a request to the server holding the Website with information which allows the requested webpage to be delivered to the specific computer or mobile device making the request, this information is saved in a cookie so if you request another page on the Website the Cookie eliminates the need for the web browser to send the information again;
b)    provide functionality - without cookies a form which needs your input (for example the enquiry form) would not be capable of remembering what had been entered into the forms;
c)    Generate statistics – The Company use a third party provide anonymous statistics about how the website is used by recording the number of visits to a webpage or clicks on a particular button and the type of equipment or software used.  You or your mobile device cannot be identified in anyway but  it allows the Company to evaluate, monitor and manage the use of the Website; ensure the Website remains compatible with popular devices and software; monitor and improve the security of the Website and detect abuse;
d)    Record the referral source (the website, link, search engine or advertisement used by you to find or arrive at the Website) to enable the Company to assess and analyse the popularity of a particular referrer or method of referral.

1.8.    The Company uses the following types of cookies:

a)    Session cookies which are used whilst you navigate the Website and will be deleted from the computer or mobile device when you closes the web browser.
b)    Persistent cookies which remain on your computer or mobile device until they expire or are deleted by the you. They are used to store information to speed up the technical processes involved in downloading a webpage should you revisit the Website at a later date or store login information if you allow the web browser to remember it.
c)    Analytic cookies, which anonymously record which webpages a you view whilst navigating the Website to generate statistics.
d)    Third party cookies - If advertisements are shown on the Website the third party may use a cookie to record the number of views or clicks and to inform the advertiser of the referral source. 

1.9.    You can choose to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify their browser setting to decline some or all cookies. Information on deleting cookies or managing cookies is widely available on the internet at websites like, but disabling cookies would usually impair the usability, functionality and accessibility to certain areas or features.


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