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•  Artist-Led Experiential Art Hub  

Welcome to Illusionaries, a captivating experiential art hub nestled in London's vibrant core, where contemporary digital art breaks new ground. Immerse yourself in a realm where the lines between reality and illusion fade as light, sound, and motion unite to create an awe-inspiring spectacle.



Venture within, where time stops, and the infinite expanse of space unfolds. Immerse yourself in the imagery and ethereal sensations, allowing yourself to dissolve into the very fabric of the experience.

•  Getting Here 

Illusionaries, Crossrail Pl

Canary Wharf, London E14 5AR

Tube: Canary Wharf - Crossrail Place Exit (1 min walk)

Bus: Canary Wharf is serviced by the following buses: D3, D7, D8, 135, 277, and N550.

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